Discovery Process

Guided solution capability mapping process


  • High level list of potential functional improvements
  • Broad list already defined based on experience across industries
  • Easily extensible by customer if desired
  • Simple checklist approach to walk through with customer


  • For each opportunity, what are the financial or functional values required to translate this opportunity into bottom line impact
  • Values can be estimated where not known exactly
  • Example inputs: Current sales, overtime, cost of quality, etc.

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  • Establish a standardized discovery process

    for your organization

  • Create a simple discovery workflow for your sales force

    Pre-configured root cause analysis workflow

  • Guided solution capability mapping process

    Default mappings make this easy for even new salespeople

  • Sensitivity analysis

    Allow selection of ranges for input estimates

  • Automatic value proposition generation

    Graphical outputs


Value Summary

This page provides a quick overview of project profitability. The charts break down the project benefits by “Opportunity” and by Financial Line Item. The table provides an overview of the project return on investment across various payback calculations.

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Phased Benefits

Because the time to value for each solution capability are built into the model, the payback calculation is shown to be phased in over time. This creates more confidence with the customer that the model is an accurate reflection of their time to value.

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Cost of Doing Nothing

A critical component of sales is to have the customer feel the cost of their default alternative – doing nothing. This page not only breaks down the cost of waiting by day, month and quarter; it also can show a calculated cost of waiting until a projected start date.

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Example Capability Mapping Process

Default mappings make this easy for even new salespeople

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